Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Touching Spirit Bear Litspiration Post

     Cole's history would definitely be a factor for me. He was a repeat offender and had showed no signs of change. However, on the other hand, I would consider his situation. An alcoholic and violent father would not be a good influence on him. At this point, I know he was lying about wanting to change at the first set of meetings he attended. He simply wanted to avoid jail. He really didn't understand how his decisions affected his victims. I think that as soon as they were out of sight, they were pretty much out of mind for Cole. Overall, Cole doesn't seem like an outstandingly good person. He dealt with his problems in a negative way. Violence and crime.

     All of this would affect my decision-making regarding consequences for Cole. Each part would add at least some or an entire consequence for me. His history of violence and crime would be troubling for me. Especially with no signs of change. I think that would result in me wanting to send him to anger counseling or something of the sort. Neither would the repeat offenses. Community service, maybe 20-40 hours. The alcohol problems of his father would mean that he should probably go to a place to educate people on the impacts of alcohol and drug addiction. If anything, so he understands what happened to his father. As for him wanting to avoid jail, I would disapprove, but I don't think I would outright punish him for it. The one thing that I would need to have as a safety measure is him being constantly monitored. All that said, I think the sentence that he was given by circle justice in the novel was appropriate to protect society and teach Cole a lesson.

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