Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Global Issues Novel Study Post #1


What is the main issue being addressed in your novel?

 Running's relationship with enlightenment. The author writes that he doesn't think the worlds best runners also being the most enlightened peoples is a coincidence. McDougall writes that we all love running, but is causes a lot of injuries, with an injury rate of 60-66 percent (80% according to author). He embarks on a quest (kinda) to more about the Tarahumara (Tara-oo-mara) and their relationship with running (as well as how he can safely run with a build such as his).

Why did you choose this piece for your project?

I’m interested in running, and this caught my eye. I'd never heard of the Tarahumara before, nor of ultradistance running. I wanted to learn about something not quite as saddening as the other novels, but it to still be an issue I could kind of relate to (I needed to take a break from Tae Kwon Do due to a foot injury).

What background knowledge do you already possess on this issue?

Nothing, except my own personal experience with running.

What questions do you have as you begin to read?

Is the setting being near drug farms going to play a major role in the novel?
Are the dangerous trails in the canyons going to be important, in terms of moving around?
Is McDougall going to learn what he wants to about running?

What players/characters have been introduced so far?

Christopher McDougall: The author and main character. He’s looking for the Tarahumarans on his quest for knowledge on running
Caballo Blanco: The White Horse, a man who adopted Tarahumaran values and has a similar worldview to Tarahumarans
Salvador Holguín: McDougall’s guide in the canyons
Ángel: Tarahumaran man, introduced by Salvador to McDougall
Marcelino: Tarahumaran boy, very athletic, even by their standards
Rick Fisher: A highly esteemed canyon explorer

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  1. Kellan, I look forward to following along via your future blog posts to learn the answers to the questions you posed. I'd like to make one small suggestion and that's to consider editing the title of your post to include the name of the book you're reading.