Thursday, 25 April 2013

Individual Post: Setting

     The descriptions the Farmer provided were absolutely clear. They don't require you to do too much imagining. This can be a good or bad thing, but it really depends whether or not you enjoy making your own places or having them provided. I'm going to take a look at one place that we have started to know more about. That is The Big House. In the later chapters, we have been learning lots more about it from Matt's perspective. For example, the secret passages, multitudinous of rooms, and the people who are closely tied to it. We see what El Patr`on does to the people there. The Big House is not a friendly place. It is a huge estate and we really see that with each room that is there. The piano room, Celia's rooms, El Patr`on's apartments, Tom's room, Steven's room, and so on. There's even a computer room for running the parts of the estate that humans don't need to do.
     The Big House has turned into a major place where the story takes place with it's white marble and expensive different parts. But setting isn't just the big house. Matt goes on expeditions to the Oasis to picnic and often reads there. I think it calms him and motivates him. The oasis is always well described. Scenes of great importance take place there, and I think it's because the oasis will play a large role later on. Either Matt's escape, or something threatens it and Matt will have to stand up to that force to save what has become dear to him. An excellent example of the authors description is the palo verde trees. Rather than just generalizing, Farmer chose a specific species. This might have arisen from personal experience or research, but even so, it shows great consideration of the setting Farmer was looking for. Farmer went above and beyond what you would normally find in a book in terms of description of setting, and even lead me to start guessing at about what time Mexico changed into Aztl`an. That is drawing a reader in if I do say so myself.

-I'll add more if I think I need to!

Edit: Now knowing I should have provided quotes to back up my points, I will, but I don't have time tonight. 12/05/2013

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