Sunday, 28 April 2013

Individual Post: Characterization

      Today, I'm looking at Tom in the literary element characterization. He is a really interesting character, with 2 sides. An "Innocent" side, and a Evil side. Whenever he does something mean he "apologizes." I use quotations because Tom doesn't really apologize. It's like making all the motions, but not being into it. He continues to be an antagonistic character throughout the novel. Trying to drown Maria's dog and laughing when he learns how it dies. However, he has an innocent face that can trick almost anyone! Tom has used this for some very cruel purposes. For example, Maria already forgives very easily, and Tom uses his face to make her forgive him many a time (according to Farmer). Tom is mentioned as being ten times worse than his half brother, Benito, who according to Celia, has no soul. Steven is Tom's other brother, and unlike Benito and Tom, Celia thinks that he has a soul... Sometimes. The comparison between the brothers is very interesting, and provides the reader with a good backbone to judge them by. Celia is quite a motherly person, and so seeing her say something like this really surprising. You know it will likely be the truth, but think that she'd be open to them.
     I'd also like to look at Maria, who is a very interesting character. She seems to go through multiple moods each day, and forgets most things after about a half hour-forty five minutes. Farmer writes a half hour in the novel, but it's sometimes more I find, for example when Maria looks at a clone, she won't talk to Matt for a few days, which would bring that number up. Maria also seems to have a relationship with Matt for the first bit when Matt is released from prison. Tom is constantly trying to break that up because he is jealous. Maria is also a very religious person, reading stories about Saints and comparing Matt to Brother Wolf, who has no soul. No animals have souls (in the Christian religion), but they can still be kind. Maria treats Matt like  a Saint would, but she doesn't view herself as one. She is not selfish and knows that she has faults, just like everyone else. Maria also seems to be forced into a relationship with Tom when Matt holds her dog for ransom.

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Edit: Now knowing I should have provided quotes to back up my points, I will, but I don't have time tonight. 12/05/2013 

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