Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Individual Blog Post 2 - Thoughts So Far (compressed)

Matt was isolated and uneducated his whole life.  I really think this influenced his perspective of what was happening. He didn’t know what pain was. I guarantee this emphasizes that El Patrón wanted to keep Matt very safe and “intact” until he needed him. He doesn’t really know what to say when he meets other kids. Only the television has given him any exposure, but even that is limited and 99% fictional. He can tell certain things, like Rosa’s resentment of him because the other servants were looking down on her. He viewed everyone but Celia, El Patrón, Tam Lin, and possibly Maria as his tormentors. His lack of education showed up many times in the first segment of the book, but it really seemed to tail off after that, which confused me. He starts receiving education from a teacher who does the same lessons over and over, and seems to be able to do them perfectly. The book didn’t specify the subject matter all too much, except that he was learning about reading and writing, as well as counting. Now, what little education he did have (before “Teacher”) was very Christian, which methinks shows that Celia intended to hang on to what she could bring with her from Aztlán. The fact that a cast of characters provided for Aztlán leads me to believe that either Matt will go there, or there will be a chapter or two regarding Celia’s history. This might uncover a reason that Celia never used some of her time off to educate Matt. It could also be that she was ALWAYS either working or sleeping. I also found that Celia’s mother-son relationship with Matt to be a strong indication of the author being a mother. Perhaps she views herself as a Celia–esque character? Celia might literally mean, when she says mi vida, my life. El Patrón may have threatened or created a punishment for her if Matt got hurt. This further strengthens El Patrón’s role as a Prantagonist. He is nice to some, but utterly ruthless with others. His former desire to survive (I think) fermented into a desire to be powerful, and his instincts morphed The Big House into a Darwin like hall of survival.

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