Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A couple books to read.


     I figured I should probably write a post about some of the books that I've been reading. Just because the Litspiration - Free Reading Challenge is a bit different this trimester. The two books that I've read recently are: I found this as a draft so I figured I'd share it with you!

The Lost Fleet: Dauntless - By: Jack Campbell
Ungifted - By: Gordan Korman

     One quick and notable thing is that Jack Campbell is an alias for John Hemry.

     Ungifted - I chose to read this book because I've really enjoyed Korman's other books, like the Swindle series. Ungifted took me about 2 or 3 days to read, and I thought it was an excellent novel. Here's a little summary:

     Donovan Curtis just does. He doesn't think first, he just does. This causes a bolt to break, and a letter to be sent. A sleepless night, and a very, very angry superintendent. Donovan ends up in a special program that he knows he won't last ten minutes in. He joins a robotics club (by default), and shows YouTube to someone. He saves his fellow club members from summer school, and their robot starts a brawl (also a attack on another robot, so kind of 2). This, in other words, means Donovan's life is not normal. Normally, he gets lots of "attention" from the highest level of school. This is usually because he does. He doesn't think, he just does.

     The Lost Fleet: Dauntless - It's very interesting how I ended up reading this. I started listening to the audiobook of the second book - The Lost Fleet: Fearless - and I was really hooked. I could visualize my own version of the bridge, with the fleet commander ordering his ships to do things. Again, a little summary:

     I didn't ask to be fleet commander, but it was my duty, being both senior by about one-hundred years to everyone, and because Admiral Bloch put me in charge after his doomed "negotiation" group left. The Syndics were sly, clever, and (not against bureaucrats here) bureaucratic. I had to get this fleet - correction, what was left of this fleet - back into Alliance space. Everyone thinks I can because I'm the legendary Captain John "Blackjack" Geary. I had the look of admiration in their eyes because of something I did almost a century ago. Actually, the story was exaggerated. A lot. I really do hate the hero-worship in this fleet. So I am kind of glad that there are people who doubt me.

     I would really suggest that you read both of these books, but to those fellow people doing the Litspiration Challenge, these are NOT book reviews.

I hope you Enjoyed,

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